Spa and Salon Services

Balance and revival of inner beauty are the focus of our menu of treatments. Enjoy relaxing body treatments, energizing massage, nourishing facials, impeccable salon services and the pure luxury of a professional spa experience.

At European Day Spa & Salon, we have multi-level pricing according to the advancement and experiences of our team members.

New talent Level 1

Senior Tech Level 2

Master Stylist/ Tech Level 3

To jump to a specific type of treatment, choose from the list below:


Signature Cleansing Facial   The Signature Cleansing Facial is a unique treatment, customized by your European Day Spa esthetician in order to target the individualized needs of your skin. Our talented and gracious staff is dedicated to guiding you to the appropriate treatment for your skin’s specific requirements. Each of our facials begins with a personalized consultation followed by classic European cleansing, exfoliation, steam, face, neck & shoulders massage, extractions and a mask.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide custom treatments, while creating an easy-to-follow, at-home skin care regime. We use only the highest quality skin care products, techniques, and equipment that bring about dramatic results and restore vibrance to your skin. Recommended for all skin types $59 64 69
The Refresher   The refreshing mini facial is perfect for people on the run or as maintenance in-between monthly facials. This mini treatment includes cleansing, exfoliating and a mask followed by toning and moisturizing. Does not include extractions. Recommended for all skin types $39 44 49
Teen Facial   Even youth has her demands! This facial specifically addresses clogged pores and breakouts; a common problem found among teens. It also introduces teens to the importance of skin care products and regime. During the treatment skin is deeply cleansed, extracted, and moisturized followed by a product consultation and recommendation by an European Day Spa esthetician. $49 54 59
PureAcne Oxy Facial   Using a unique Oxygen complex, this revolutionary acne treatment is designed to clear skin congestion, detoxify and revitalize the face. By combining Salicylic, Glycolic and Lactic Acids with Oxygen this treatment leads to a much more successful control of acne, restoring deep hydration and purity to the skin. Recommended for Oily and Acne prone skin, however great as a cleansing treatment for any skin type $99 104 109
Instant Glow Algomask   Indulge in the ultimate experience of radiance! Essentially designed to hydrate and prolong the nubile appearance of skin, this special mask embraces our fleeting youth. The mask is developed to trigger cold thermal action that maximizes detoxification, particularly for diffusing redness and acne, and is commonly referred to as the 911 mask. Recommended for all skin types, especially sensitive, dry and irritated skin
$79 84 89
Collagen Treatment w/ Glycolic   Our most popular facial! By stimulating the production of collagen, this intensive anti-aging treatment is proven to hydrate, rejuvenate, tighten and reconfigure the skin’s surface to reduce the visible signs of aging. Finally, beautiful, younger looking skin without any invasive procedures! Recommended for all skin types $129 134 139
Facial w/ Hydrolifting Mask   If you’ve been searching for a non-surgical face-lift, this is it!  You’ll see instant results with this sophisticated treatment. Hydrolifting is a powerful moisturizer and exceptional lifter, which also deeply exfoliates and firms, leaving the skin radiant and beautiful. All we can say is, “WOW!” Recommended for dry, dehydrated skin $94 99 104
Glycolic, Salicylic, Derm Renewal, Lactic OR Modified Jessner Acid Peel
$39 39 44
Luminous Citrus   Do something good for your skin. This antioxidant treatment relieves sun-damaged skin and helps fight the signs of premature aging. High concentrations of Vitamin C improve appearance and stimulate collagen production to renew skin’s firmness. The active ingredients, combined with the citrus aromas and exclusive massage result in the perfect fusion to create a dance of the senses.  The final result is a sculpted, luminous and nourished skin. $99 104 109
Back Facial   This superb cleansing and relaxing treatment is ideal for eliminating impurities and smoothing the skin, restoring balance to the back. The treatment provides cleansing, exfoliating, extractions and moisturizing, leaving your skin clean and hydrated. $54 59 64
Eye Treatment
$23 23 23
Microdermabrasion   Microdermabrasion is a revolutionary technique in skin resurfacing. At Spa Rejuv, we use the most advanced mineral crystal peeling system available, utilizing a controlled, powerful stream of fine sterile corundum crystals against the tissue surface, which stimulates the production of collagen and rehabilitates the skin. The exfoliation achieved with this clinical procedure removes dead layers of skin without any risk of damage to the underlying cells. Microdermabrasion treatments remove imperfections and enhance the natural vitality and firmness of the skin. Fine lines, wrinkles, melasma, acne, enlarged pores, blackheads, chicken pox scars and other skin abnormalities are much less noticeable, and the skin has a more youthful appearance. Recommended for all skin types $103 108 113
Spot Microdermabrasion $54 59 64
Hand Treatment
$23 23 23

Body Treatments

NEW!!! Cupping pulls stagnation out of tissues and brings it to the skin level. The pores expand discharging some of these wastes and toxin, the rest is then more accessible to the body’s circulatory and lymphatic systems where it cam be properly flushed out. Cupping brings fresh, revitalized blood to stagnant areas. Cupping is beneficial for many conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, sciatica, insomnia, colon disorders, anxiety, fatigue, poor circulation, edema, sports injuries, cellulite, nervous tension, chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, neuralgia and menstrual problems. It is suitable for the treatment of pain, diseases of the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems, some skin conditions, facial paralysis, weak muscles and the common cold. $74 79 84
Salt Glow   This full body treatment stimulates and thoroughly exfoliates your skin from head to toe! We scrub away any damaged or dead skin, restoring radiance and purity to the body.  $72  77  79
Glow and Sunless Tan   Take the Salt Glow one step further. Now that you’ve shed all dullness add a little color! Self-tanning lotion is gently massaged in leaving a bronzed and incandescent you. $89 94 99
Sunless Tan alone
$59 64 69
Detoxifying Seaweed Treatment – 75 Minutes   Here at the spa we call this treatment the “metabolism tune-up.” By exfoliating, wrapping and steaming the body in one of our steam showers, your therapist is able to remove toxins and all water retained by your body out of your system. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and rehabilitated $74 79 84
Mud Wrap
$74 79 84
Sandalwood Wrap   Your body is a temple, but time has ways of shaking its foundation. This treatment helps your body regain essential suppleness and elasticity by improving cellulite, stretch marks, and scar tissue using specific methods of detoxification. Followed by a steam shower and moisturizing. $74 79 84
Egyptian Ear Candling   This age old process is a holistic treatment, which naturally alleviates pain and pressure stemming from sinusitis, earaches, swimmer’s ear, allergies, middle ear infections and hearing difficulties. $64 69 74
Anti-Cellulite Therapy $123 128 133
Endermologie $79 84 89
Series of 14 Treatments $1000

Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage  Leave your worries at the door. This classic full body massage will help relax not only your muscles but also your mind and soul by stimulating blood circulation and restoring a sense of well being. Soothes sore muscles, reduces toxins and stimulates blood and lymph flow.
85 Minutes $94 99 104
55 Minutes $64 69 74
25 Minutes $34 39 44
European Combination  Best of both worlds, this massage combines techniques used in Swedish and Deep Tissue massages. This traditional treatment pinpoints the specific needs of each individual. Benefits of a European combination massage include increased flexibility; tension relief as well as balancing of the body’s energy system.
85 Minutes $109 114 119
55 Minutes $74 79 84
25 Minutes $44 49 54
Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage  Tailored for sports and fitness enthusiasts, we alternate deep massage and stretching to relieve pain, discomfort, and muscular tension while increasing flexibility and circulation.
85 Minutes $139 144 149
55 Minutes $92 97 102
25 Minutes $54 59 64
Hot Stone Massage  Warmed Basalt Lava Stones are strategically placed on integral points of the body along with oil, providing deep penetration and creating sensations of comfort, blissful relaxation and warmth. Combined with traditional massage, the direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than with massage alone.
85 Minutes $119 124 129
Aromatherapy Massage  This pleasurable treatment is designed to detoxify the body, ease sore muscles, relieve tension, and improve circulation. Soothing to all the senses, this nourishing massage offers the added advantages of an aromatherapy essential oil blend of your choice. Relax and restore your body and soul.
85 Minutes $109 114 119
55 Minutes $74 79 84
25 Minutes $44 49 54
Shiatsu Massage
55 Minutes $69 74 79
25 Minutes $39 44 49
Pre-Natal  This European combination massage is designated to accommodate the health, circulation and well being of expectant mothers by relieving stress and muscle aches associated with pregnancy. After 1st trimester only
85 Minutes $106 111 116
55 Minutes $74 79 84
Reflexology  This ancient Oriental technique stimulates specific parts of the foot. Each point directly affects different organs within our bodies in order to restore balance and proper function. This method strengthens the immune system and helps to relieve muscle tension.
40 Minutes $49 54 59
15 Minutes Extra $23 27 31
Scalp Massage  A wonderful treatment designed to relax the mind, relieve any headaches and stress and promote better circulation
25 Minutes $39 54 59


Full Set Light Concept Nails $86
Fill-in Light Concept Nails $33
Re-White Light Concept Nails $45
Full Set of Wraps $45
Full Set of Tips and Wraps $50
Glue Fill $22
Powder Fill $30
Wrap Repair $6
Manicure $12
French Polish $4
Polish Change $8
Manicure with Capping Gel $25
Soak Off $7
Paraffin Treatment $10
Spa Manicure $20
Children’s Manicure $10


Pedique Full Set $89
Pedique Fill (incl pedi) $53
Pedique Fill (no ped) $33
Pedicure $29
French Pedicure $33
Polish Change $12
Hot Paraffin Treatment $12
Spa Pedicure $40
Reflexology Pedicure $40
Children’s Pedicure $20

Hair Removal

Eyebrow $12
Lip $7
Chin $9
Full Face $27
Full Arm $45
Half Arm $27
Bikini $31
Brazilian Bikini $43
Lower Leg $38
Upper Leg $43
Full Leg and Bikini $77
Ful Leg and Brazilian $92+
Back $46+
Chest $39+
Under arm  $23
 Stomach                            $14+


Make-Up Application $55
Specials Engagements $75+
Individual Eye Lash Application $150
Volume Set $180
Refills $55-75
Cluster Eye Lash Application $38
Refills $15-25
Eye Lash Tint $17
Eye Brow Tint $15

Haircuts and Styles

Prices may vary with the degree of mastery of the stylist, length and condition of the hair. 

Starting at:

Woman’s Haircut/Style $37 40 45
Blow Dry $24 28 32
Deva Haircut for Curly Girl $60 64 68
Man’s Haircut $23 26 29
Children’s Cut (under 10 incl. shampoo) $22 26 29
Beard of Bang Trim $11
Special Occasion $60 65 70
Flat or Curling Iron/Hot Rollers $15
Heat Cure $40 40 40
Conditioning Mask $17
Power Dose Conditioner $23
Wash and Set $18 21 24
Human Hair Extensions By Consultation
Human Hair Clip-on Extensions Starting at $79

Hair Color

Chromatics Ammonia-free Color Touch-up $49 53 57      
Chromatics Ammonia-free Virgin Color Touch-up $76 80 84      
Color 4oz to 5oz max virgin hair $62 65 68      
Color t-up w/ service $43 46 49      
Additional Color 2oz to 3oz $11
Corrective Color By Consultation
Full Foils – 31 Foils+ $140 145 150      
Partial Foils – 11-20 Foils $88 93 98      
Less than 10 Foils; Per Foil $8
Glaze/Toner $39
 Balayage  $160+
Keratin Smoothing Treatment $299+ $50 for each additional hour
Full Perm – 31 Rods

Partial Perm – 11-30 Rods